Meditation Cushion Red - Buckwheat

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Product Description
Our uni meditation cushion is adorned with a beautiful embroidery and is available in two different colours. It has a classic, round zafu shape without pleats and is often used for yoga or meditation in a sitting position with the feet and lower legs pointing backwards or meditating cross-legged in Sukhasana or full lotus poses. Made from organic cotton and filled with buckwheat it is an ideal companion during meditation or yoga practices.

Product Information

All covers are naturally stain resistant without the use of chemical coatings, can be easily be spot cleaned or removed and machine washed. 

Product details: 
• Dimensions: ~ 34 (Ø) x 14 cm
• weight: ~ 2.5 kg 

• Cover: 100% organic cotton with zipper at bottom
• Inlay Cover: non bleached organic cotton (100%), closed with string
• Filling: buckwheat chaff

• OCS certified

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