Ash Tree Log CushionAsh Tree Log Cushion
Ash Large Tree Log CushionAsh Large Tree Log Cushion
Ash Tree Trunk Beanbag OutdoorAsh Tree Trunk Beanbag Outdoor
Ash Tree OttomanAsh Tree Ottoman
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Ash Tree Ottoman

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Ash Tree Ottoman OutdoorAsh Tree Ottoman Outdoor
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Ash Tree Coffee TableAsh Tree Coffee Table
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Ash Tree Coffee Table

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Ash Tree Coffee Table OutdoorAsh Tree Coffee Table Outdoor
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Ash Tree Seat OttomanAsh Tree Seat Ottoman
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Ash Tree Seat Ottoman OutdoorAsh Tree Seat Ottoman Outdoor
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Ash Mini Tree Seat OttomanAsh Mini Tree Seat Ottoman
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Ash Mini Tree Seat Ottoman OutdoorAsh Mini Tree Seat Ottoman Outdoor
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Ash Stump PoufAsh Stump Pouf
Ash Stump Pouf OutdoorAsh Stump Pouf Outdoor
Runway Travel Shopper AshwoodRunway Travel Shopper Ashwood
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Ash Planter - 25 x 30 cmAsh Planter - 25 x 30 cm
Ash Planter - 30 x 40 cmAsh Planter - 30 x 40 cm
Ash Annual Ring Placemat - RoundAsh Annual Ring Placemat - Round
Ash Bark Placemat - RectangularAsh Bark Placemat - Rectangular
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The Ash Collection - An original MeroWings ash tree furniture design

Ashes are majestic trees that are domestic in moist river valleys and floodplain forests. They stand for resilience, strength and durability and exactly these are the characteristics of our beautiful ash stump furniture. All Ash Collection items are stable and durable while unbelievable comfortable and inviting to lounge on at the same time. The ash bedside tables, coffee tables, cushions and ash log stools form the heart of the ash furniture series. In addition to the collection offers a lot of furnishing accessories with an ash bark pattern.

Bring that special touch of urbanity to your home with the MeroWings Ash faux wood furniture items

With its modern grey and soft, warm taupe tones the Ash Collection brings a fresh, urbane look to every interior. It fits well to any living room, bedroom, guestroom or outdoor setting and can be perfectly combined with models from the Birch Collection. Languish in the luxury of velvety softness offered by the indoor versions of the seats, stumps, trunks, logs and coffee tables. For a striking exterior assemblage, opt for the outdoor versions.

Creating the MeroWings Ash Collection and saving living trees along the way

Did you know that you can bring stunning themed ash tree furniture to your environment and preserve living trees? We all care for our environment, so help us to protect real trees and buy a MeroWings Ash Collection item instead. Trees are the lungs of our planet while at the same time they have to suffer for different reasons. Illegal deforestation is one of the major problems of our time. In addition to that forests all over the world are on fire.