Classic Wings Pillow Naboa - Faux Fur, Cream-WhiteClassic Wings Pillow Naboa - Faux Fur, Cream-White
Classic Wings Pillow Organic Cotton Plush - with Regular InlayClassic Wings Pillow Organic Cotton Plush - with Regular Inlay
Classic Wings Pillow Organic Cotton Plush - with Stone Pine & Spelt InlayClassic Wings Pillow Organic Cotton Plush - with Stone Pine & Spelt Inlay
Classic Wings Pillow SandClassic Wings Pillow Sand
Classic Wings Pillow Dusty RoseClassic Wings Pillow Dusty Rose
Classic Wings Pillow JadeClassic Wings Pillow Jade
Classic Wings Pillow Petrol BlueClassic Wings Pillow Petrol Blue
Classic Wings Pillow Stone GreyClassic Wings Pillow Stone Grey
Classic Wings Pillow TaupeClassic Wings Pillow Taupe
Classic Wings Pillow Rabbit - Faux Fur, BrownClassic Wings Pillow Rabbit - Faux Fur, Brown
Classic Wings Pillow AmethystClassic Wings Pillow Amethyst
Classic Wings Pillow WineClassic Wings Pillow Wine
Classic Wings Pillow ChocolateClassic Wings Pillow Chocolate

MeroWings Original Classic Wings Cushions

The unique form of these body hugging pillows makes them unbelievably comfortable floor cushions, which can be perfectly adapted to any lying or sitting position. With a wide variety of replacement covers to choose from, it's easy to adjust to seasonal, decorational or cleaning requirements. On that note, all MeroWings covers are removable and are machine washable.

Multi functional All-round cushions

Due to their unique shape and size, MeroWings model Classic wings cushions are exceptionally good at making deep sofas comfortable and usable. By morphing to fit any backdrop, they essentially round-off unusable sofa corners, transforming your seating possibilities by enabling you to turn in any direction you wish – with the long “tail feather-shaped” parts forming comfy armrests when sitting on a sofa or bed. That's what makes them the perfect extra large cushions for the back of the sofa. Alternatively, they can be used as practical lap cushions for using tablets or laptops.

Classic wings are the perfect maternity pillows

Our Classics wings have proven to be great maternity pillows, baby pillows or nursing pillows. They are made to relieve strain during pregnancy, and provide on-going comfort throughout the nursing stage, with older siblings able to enjoy it as a snooze and snuggle cushion. Besides that any mother to be or parent is all too aware, of the temporary nature of nursing pillows, as normally are a one-off purchase of an ordinary-looking but necessary item for a single-purpose, to be discarded following the end of the feeding phase. The MeroWings Classic wings pillow is so much more than an excellent maternity pillow as it unites beautiful as well as practical design elements and may be used in many ways after the nursing phase.