Born out of the longing for physical and emotional support MeroWings offers supreme comfort paired with unique and original designs. From back pain release to redemption and comfort – our products are made to suit various inner needs. Based in Germany, MeroWings has been growing steadily since the launch of its first patented ergonomic Wings cushions in 2006. Originally designed to enhance sitting, lounging and sleeping comfort, the therapeutic qualities of our flagship cushions have been tried and tested for over a decade. Further the launch of our stunning wood collection in 2009 marked a major breakthrough in the creation of furnishing items upholstered with photorealistic digital prints.


To us nature is more than just a beautiful recreational area. Thus we believe that it is our duty as human beings, but also as a company, to do our best to protect and preserve it. Passionate about reversing the damage done to our planet, MeroWings is working with other parties on replacing all filling materials with recycled alternatives.  In addition, MeroWings supports different environmental organizations such as the Coral Reef Alliance in its efforts to protect and preserve nature and our planet. Read more about our partnership with the Coral Reef Alliance in our blog. 


All of our collections were inspired by nature. With its pure untamed beauty it has a big influence on our daily work and all of our designs. Being our biggest source of inspiration, we translate natural elements, forms and patterns into timeless designs that are ready to use. Over the years, MeroWings has built up a strong network of experienced, high quality manufacturing partners in Germany and Poland. We work closely with factories and suppliers, collaborating with them to meet the highest possible standards. Our products are made from superior quality materials that are safe, sturdy and unbelievable cuddly. All our items are made by hand with love.

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