Bath Beach Wellness WingsBath Beach Wellness Wings
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Time to relax on the perfect bath cushion and inflatable beach pillow

With the inflatable addition to the Wings collection, there are even more ways to enjoy all the benefits of a MeroWings cushion: namely in water making it an indispensable accessory for the bath, poolside, on the beach or wherever your wellness experience takes you. The ergonomic MeroWings design snugly supports and holds the head and neck in place, perfect for reclining into, enabling mind and body to simply let go. For bath lovers these tub cushions are an absolute must. Alternatively, one can just have fun floating or playing with them in the water, which makes them the perfect blow up pillows for the beach or poolside. The additional fabric cushion cover expands the opportunities to enjoy this cushion in dryer environments- whether relaxing after the tub or sauna or having a massage. Available in the same size as the small and easily transportable MeroWings travel model, this practical, inflatable cushion is an ideal companion for any journey.