Birch Annual Ring Cushion - Ø 40 cmBirch Annual Ring Cushion - Ø 40 cm
Birch Annual Ring Cushion - Ø 60 cmBirch Annual Ring Cushion - Ø 60 cm
Birch Tree Log CushionBirch Tree Log Cushion
Birch Jumbo Tree Log Floor CushionBirch Jumbo Tree Log Floor Cushion
Birch Mini Tree Trunk Beanbag OutdoorBirch Mini Tree Trunk Beanbag Outdoor
Birch Tree Trunk BeanbagBirch Tree Trunk Beanbag
Birch Tree Trunk Beanbag OutdoorBirch Tree Trunk Beanbag Outdoor
Birch Tree OttomanBirch Tree Ottoman
Birch Tree Ottoman OutdoorBirch Tree Ottoman Outdoor
Birch Tree Coffee TableBirch Tree Coffee Table
Birch Tree Coffee Table Outdoor DFBirch Tree Coffee Table Outdoor DF
Birch Tree Seat OttomanBirch Tree Seat Ottoman
Birch Tree Seat Ottoman Outdoor DFBirch Tree Seat Ottoman Outdoor DF
Birch Stump PoufBirch Stump Pouf
Birch Stump Pouf OutdoorBirch Stump Pouf Outdoor
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Birch Collection - Original MeroWings soft birch furniture designs

No tree radiates sophisticated elegance like a birch does. With its ability for growth, renewal and adaptability it blends in perfectly into every environment. So too does our birch wood furniture. The graceful Birch products assimilate with ease into any stylish interior and look great in every living or sleeping environment. The Birch Collection has a wide variety of products to choose from. These include the beloved birch coffee tables, birch wood ottomans and the birch wood side table as well as other birch log pillows in various sizes. The larger Birch trunk beanbags and jumbo birch log cushion are both elegant and perfect to lay or sit down on. Birch prints are premium, durable, and easily washable.

Mix and match our birch stump furniture according to your own taste

Create a harmonious mixture by integrating the Grey Birch items with pieces from the MeroWings Ash Collection or other Nature Inspired Designs. Or maybe you are more into white and soft brown tones than into classic black and white? Than you should have a closer look at the MeroWings Nordic Birch Collection. Languish in luxury with the velvety softness offered by the indoor versions of the Birch tree stumps, trunks, logs and heavyweight coffee tables. Alternatively, enjoy a variety outdoor birch log beanbags, birch stump ottomans and coffee tables.

Creating the MeroWings Birch Collection and saving living birch trees along the way

Did you know that you can bring stunning themed birch tree furniture to your home and preserve living trees? We all care for our environment, so help us to protect real trees and buy a MeroWings Birch Collection item instead. Trees are the lungs of our planet while at the same time they have to suffer for different reasons. Illegal deforestation is one of the major problems of our time. In addition to that forests all over the world are on fire.