Nordic Birch Tree Log CushionNordic Birch Tree Log Cushion
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Birch Tree Log CushionBirch Tree Log Cushion
Ash Tree Log CushionAsh Tree Log Cushion
Forest Tree Log CushionForest Tree Log Cushion
Nordic Birch Jumbo Tree Log Floor CushionNordic Birch Jumbo Tree Log Floor Cushion

Bolsters for every occasion

MeroWings bolsters are multi functional. They are beautiful decorations and quite comfortable as sofa armrests, back roll floor bolsters or knee rolls. Our cylinder pillows may perfectly be used as yoga bolsters, too. The wood log pillows are great to bring a natural and zen atmosphere to any yoga session or any home when used as a log couch cushion.

Photorealistic prints create a highly realistic look and feel

Create a homely atmosphere with our realistic looking log cushions. Stack a few of them on top of each other and they are easily mistaken for firewood, with all the coziness and warmth associated with a log fire on a late summer or autumn day. Combined with our floor cushions and big bolsters or further items of the Wood Collection they are the highlight of any living space. Give your imagination free reign and design the home of your dreams with our round bolster pillows.