Birch Annual Ring Cushion - Ø 60 cmBirch Annual Ring Cushion - Ø 60 cm
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Floor cushions are the perfect alternative for traditional seating options

Are you searching for a modern alternative to your traditional seating furniture? Our floor seating cushions are the answer! Giant floor pillows are not only a stylish seating option but make great side tables, too. Oversized floor pillows look amazing in a combination with various large bolster pillows or pouf ottomans and bring a cozy yet chic feeling to your home. The big floor pillows are great for meditation and the large cylinder pillows perfectly suit as yoga bolsters.

Relax and unwind on one of our nature inspired floor pillows

MeroWings floor seating cushions are the perfect companions for a cozy evening or a movie night. Due to their soft yet supportive filling they offer a great lounging experience. One of the many highlights of our floor pillow assortment definitely is the annual ring cushion which gives you the impression to sit on a real tree. Free your imagination and create the lounging area of your dreams with our jumbo bolster pillows and floor cushions!