Hornbeam Square Seat Ottoman OutdoorHornbeam Square Seat Ottoman Outdoor
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Hornbeam Square Bench Ottoman OutdoorHornbeam Square Bench Ottoman Outdoor
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The Hornbeam Collection - Beautifully crafted hedge furniture Inspired by classic

English gardens our leaf print ottomans resemble well-trimmed shrubs and bushes. The “Hedge” series perfectly complements MeroWings repertoire, by adding the color green in full force to its other nature inspired designs. Attractive, flexible and sustainable – this innovative seating system with exchangeable covers and inlays, can be used both indoors and outdoors. The collection includes the hedge seat pouf as well as the hedge table that may be ideally used as a coffee table.

Various hedge furniture seating arrangements through modular system

MeroWings modular cube system allows you to form many different angular seating arrangements and to easily mix and match between motives. The hedge seat pouf and hedge table goes perfectly well with items from the MeroWings Straw Collection. All fabrics adhere to the international fire retardant regulations and are also easy to clean.