Grace Wings Pillow Organic Cotton Plush - with Stone Pine & Spelt Inlay

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Product Description

The much loved organic cotton plush wings cushions are back in our portfolio. Made in Germany and with KBA certified fabric, they have the look and feel of cuddly faux lamb fur, which makes them lovely and soft to snuggle up with. On a practical MeroWings Grace ergonomic Wings’ cushions provide great comfort and support on narrower seating arrangements, such as regular sofas i.e. not deep ones, dining chairs, office furniture, or car seats. Its combination of suppleness and versatility enables effortless adaptation wherever used. Propped onto the shoulders serving as superb head and neck cushions when reclined into which makes them perfect reading cushions. All MeroWings covers are removable and are machine washable.

There are two wings pillow inners to choose from; either MeroWings’ soft original ones and the new firmer GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) bio-organic cotton covers filled with extra fine stone pine shavings and spelt. The latter are known to promote peaceful sleep and promote a different kind of support due to the firm nature of their filling mix.

Product Information

• Measurement: 42 x 54 cm (wxh)
• Cover: 100% certified organic cotton plush
• Cover removable & washable- fine wash programme
• Fabric characteristics: High quality GOTS certified bio-organic cotton plush, soft, cuddly

There are two possible inlay cushion options. Either MeroWings regular inlay OR the new organic cotton inlay covers filled with therapeutic stone pine shavings and spelt. 

Regular inlay:
• Weight: ~ 0.68 kg
• Inlay Cover: 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester
• Inlay Filling: 100% Siliconised Polyester Fibre
• Cover removable & washable - fine wash programme

Stone pine & spelt inlay:
• Weight: ~ 1.38kg
• Inlay Cover: 100% GOTS certified bio-organic Cotton
• Inlay Filling: 20% stone pine shavings, 80% spelt
• Cover removable & washable - fine wash programme

Benefits & Uses

The beautiful, natural coloured, unbleached fluffy organic cotton used for these covers are soft to the touch and look like a cuddly faux lamb fur cushion. Together with the cushion’s form, they are a true dream and inspire people of all ages to want to cuddle them. Indeed many say that MeroWings' larger wings’ models give one the feeling of being held and that is definitely the case with these organic cotton plush cushions. The beauty of MeroWings Wings pillows is that they can be wonderfully combined with other models to provide any number of ergonomic combinations.

For example, having the perfect neck rest cushion combined with ultimate lumbar support. On that note, cotton organic plush cushions are also available in models Classic and Joy. All models can be ordered with either a regular MeroWings inlay or the new organic stone pine and spelt filled inlays, which are also available in all three sizes.

100% natural
GOTS certified
Handmade in DE

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