Grace Wings Pillow Organic Satin Cotton - Aroma Herbal and Millet Husk Inlay

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Product Description

Inspired by wild landscapes and long summer nights, this organic cotton, Grace herbal aroma cushion offers an amazingly fragrant and relaxing experience.

The snugly fitting millet husks (kbA organic) are supplemented by a special herbal mixture (kbA organic) according to an old home recipe. With lavender, chamomile blossoms, St. John's wort, peppermint, thyme and linden blossoms, all herbs that have a balancing and calming effect come together.

Harmonizing and calming, the MeroWings' Grace scented pillow disperses a pleasant 100% organic fragrance and provides support and comfort with our popular wing pillow shape. Body heat releases the essential oils in the herbal blend for wonderful relaxation.

The soothing scent of these organic wing pillows makes you feel calm and relaxed.

TIP: Like us humans, herbs recharge their energy through the power of the sun. Therefore, place the MeroWings' Grace Herbal cushion  in the sun for a while from time to time.

Product Information

• Measurement: 42 x 54 cm (wxh)
• Cover: 100% certified organic satin cotton
• Cover removable & washable- fine wash programme
• Fabric characteristics: High quality GOTS certified bio-organic cotton satin, soft, smooth, elegant shine

The new organic cotton inner pillow filled with healing and therapeutic millet husks and herbs.

Organic millet husks and aroma herbal inlay:
• Weight: ~ 1.25kg
• Inlay Cover: 100% GOTS certified bio-organic Cotton
• Inlay Filling: Millet husks with herbs mixture (lavender, chamomile blossoms, St. John's wort, peppermint, thyme and linden blossoms)
Cover removable & washable without the filling - fine wash programme

There are three possible Grace inlay cushion options. Either the new scented inlay filling with harmonizing and calming millet husks and herbs OR the organic cotton inlay filled with therapeutic stone pine shavings and spelt OR the MeroWings regular inlay.


Benefits & Uses

Fragrant herbs and millet shells take you to the realm of dreams! Let yourself be pampered by selected herbs according to a well-tried mixture. The soothing scent of these organic wing pillows makes you feel calm and relaxed. Made and produced for you in Germany. 

The beautiful, natural coloured, unbleached organic satin cotton used for these covers are smooth to the touch. Together with the cushion’s form, they are a true dream and inspire people of all ages to want to cuddle them. The beauty of MeroWings Wings pillows is that they can be wonderfully combined with other models to provide any number of ergonomic combinations.

All Grace models can be ordered with either a regular MeroWings inlay, the organic stone pine and spelt filled inlays or with the new scented inlay filled with harmonizing and calming millet husks and herbs.

100% natural
GOTS certified
Handmade in DE

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