Runway Travel Shopper Forest

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Product Description

MeroWings bag collection truly combines design with functionality. Printed in MeroWings’ signature nature motifs, the runway bags are generously sized and extremely robust with a carrying capacity up to 20 kg. This offers the possibility to stow a variety of items. An ingenious unique feature of these travelling shopper bags is the inclusion of a luggage flap for easy slip-on attachment to all telescopic handles such as those on travelling bags.

Exceptionally practical and convenient, this strap securely fixes the runway bag to enable hands-free and relaxed travelling. Made out of MeroWings robust outdoor fabrics they are the perfect all-weather shoppers or beach bags, as they protect their contents from rain-showers or wet under-grounds.

Product Information

• Measurement: 48x26x40cm
• Weight: ~ 1.50 kg
• Cover: 100% Polyester
• Fabric Characteristics: water repellent, durable, breathable

Sturdy & robust
Up to 20kg
Water repellent

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