YOUR PILLOW GUIDE: Spoiled for choice: which cushion filling is best for me?

Well-being, healthy and restful sleep, relaxed neck muscles and spine - important needs that are often neglected in our everyday lives. The choice of the right pillow and the right filling plays a major role in the quality of relaxation. Thanks to the different fillings and covers, you can adapt your wing pillow to your personal needs.

 Whether a fluffy cover or an organic cotton cover, whether our proven ergonomic standard filling or various natural fillings, here you will find the right pillow for you. Our use of organic, pollutant-free raw materials also contributes to a healthy sleeping climate. Which material and pillow is right for you essentially depends on your preferred use, the softness or support required and the other preferences you may have. Our pillow advisor gives you an orientation on which wing pillow is most suitable for you.

What fillings do I have to choose from and how do they differ from each other?

You have the possibility to choose between:
  • Standard allergen neutral
  • Memory Foam
  • Sheep's wool
  • Stone Pine & Spelt
  • Aroma Herbal

 To help you in making your decision, here is a little guide to assist you in making your choice:


The All-rounder
Our high-quality, allergen-neutral standard wing pillow filling meets all your requirements for comfort and hygiene and is therefore the ideal cosy pillow for your home. The particularly elastic air cell fibres of the patented filling allow a comfortable sinking in and offer you a pleasant support when sitting and lying down. The supportive effect of the cushion is permanently maintained.

MeroWings Innercushion with Standard fillings - allergen neutral

The high-quality standard filling made of allergen-neutral 100 % PU air cell bars enables good temperature equalisation in all positions. Only CFC-free PU foams are used in the production process. The pillow can be easily cleaned in the washing machine.


The Ideal Sleeping Pillow
One benefit of MeroWings’ memory foam is the pleasant feel when lying on the pillow: the filling automatically moulds to the body, relieving pressure and promoting relaxation. A slight sinking-in effect creates a warm, cosy feeling. Thanks to this sink-in effect, sleepers then benefit from an incredible feeling of softness and deep sleep quality.

MeroWings’ memory foam filling easily passes warm air through the flakes, while being replaced with fresh cool air, thereby rendering them more breathable, naturally regulating the temperature and moisture transport. The Memory Foam fiiling therefor guarantees an optimum sleeping temperature.

MeroWings’ memory foam flake pillow inlays are ideal for people with allergies and have hypoallergenic features that can resist dust mites and are therefore good for those prone to allergies.


The Climatising Pillow
Our climatising and soft organic pillow made of organic virgin sheep's wool absorbs a lot of moisture and thus minimises the effects of sweating. The wool cools in summer and warms in winter, so it has climate-regulating properties. Why does this pillow feel so natural? Because the natural texture of the wool's fibres are strongly curled and scaly surface, sheep's wool is able to store a lot of air and allow it to circulate. This effect creates a dry and warm climate in living rooms and bedrooms, which is very healthy for us humans.

MeroWings Sheep´s wool cushion fillings

You can shape the pillow perfectly and adapt it to your own needs. The pure new wool balls / flakes can easily be returned to their original shape by shaking them up. If they do become firmer, they can be removed and plucked apart.
The inner cushion cannot be washed in the washing machine, but it has a high self-cleaning power. Lanolin, wool´s natural lubricant, prevents the establishment of mites and mould and ensures that sheep's wool smells pleasant, fresh and clean even after a short period of airing and drying.
Our virgin sheep's wool is exclusively certified kbT, from controlled organic farming, without pesticides and with the animal´s welfare as a top priority.


The Alpine Feeling
This firm, stable wing pillow is filled with spelt husks and fine stone pine wood flakes. This wing pillow offers you natural relaxation in a very special way: the husks have a light massage effect and they absorb the lying pressure very evenly in a particularly pleasant way. Spelt husks act like thousands of mini spring elements. As a result, the spelt husk pillow adapts optimally to the shape of the body. Spelt pillows support without shrinking and without putting on a springy counter-pressure.
The finest, aromatically fragrant stone pine wood flakes are carefully mixed in by hand in a fixed, balanced ratio.

MeroWings Stonepine & spelt pillow filling

Since the active ingredients of stone pine have been proven to have an extremely positive influence on sleep, circulation and vegetative processes, this pillow is a blessing and promotes restful sleep. This pillow supports your regeneration and ensures a greater sense of well-being. The cover is washable without inner cushion filling.
The scent of stone pine can be refilled with the help of the stone pine oil.


The Fragrant One
Inspired by wild landscapes and long summer nights, the wing pillow with herbal filling offers a fragrant cuddly experience. The smooth millet husks (organic) are complemented by a special herbal mixture (organic) from an old home recipe.
With lavender, camomile blossoms, St. John's wort, peppermint, thyme and lime blossoms, all herbs that have a balancing and calming effect come together.
Harmonising and calming, the scented pillow spreads a pleasant 100% organic fragrance and offers support and comfort with our popular wing pillow shape.
The essential oils in the herbal blend are released by the body heat and provide wonderful relaxation.

MeroWings Aroma  Herbal cushion filling

The soothing scent of these organic wing pillows makes you feel calm and relaxed. The cover is washable without inner pillow filling.
TIP: Just like us humans, herbs recharge their batteries through the power of the sun. Therefore, place the MeroWings herbal pillow in the sun for a while from time to time.

No matter which pillow you choose, our original wing cushions offer you great comfort and  cosy snugness that lets you relax deeply thanks to their extraordinary and well thought-out ergonomic form. Furthermore you can mix & match pretty much all the covers with the different inlays

The choice is yours to enjoy 🤎 .

Your MeroWings Team

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