Choosing the right pillows from the Wings Cushion family - some tips on selecting the right cushion for your needs

Unveiling the Magical Comfort: Embracing Merowings Pillows in all Shapes, Sizes and with incedibly multifunctional usages.

With an impressive array of shapes and sizes, these pillows offer a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal that has transformed the concept of home comfort.

When it comes to enhancing our home decor and personal comfort, pillows play a pivotal role. MeroWings’ Wings cushions offer a blend of proven ergonomic comfort, multi-functionality and aesthetic appeal that transforms the concept of home comfort. But not all pillows are created with ergonomics in mind. This broad science involves the application of psychological as well as physiological principles to design in a way that makes furnishing items, such as cushions, more comfortable and effective for people who use them.

The ergonomics behind MeroWings Wings Pillows

The ergonomic design of the MeroWings' internationally patented Wings collection delivers sheer comfort in a multitude of ways. The cushion's original form imparts a special kind of flexibility to fit snugly around you from all sides when reclined into. Alternatively, they offer the perfect buffer for the head and neck when propped on the shoulders as they gently cradle them, allowing for a comfortable resting position in all direction.  This makes them ideal while reading or watching TV. This also applies to a variety of recumbent positions which will be explained under the various models (please see below).

Due to their unique shape and size, the two larger Wings models, Classic and Joy, are exceptionally good at making deep sofas more enjoyable.


By morphing to fit any backdrop, they essentially round-off those unusable sofa corners, transforming your seating possibilities by enabling you to turn in any direction you wish – with the long “tail feather-shaped” parts forming comfy armrests when sitting on a sofa or bed. 

When used correctly, the Wings' models Joy and Grace can help to improve posture and alleviate lower back pain, by providing support where needed. These benefits have been investigated and documented by osteopaths and orthopedic practitioners. 

Everyone´s Wings - MeroWings has the right model for a variety of needs


Each model in the series can either be enjoyed as single cushions or wonderfully combined to deliver simultaneous support for the head, neck, shoulders and entire back, ensuring supreme relaxation. There are currently four Wings' models of differing in sizes and fabrics, including a range of cotton organic covers with different natural fillings ( for more informations please see blog post )


W I N G S  M O D E L  C L A S S I C - The Angel that has your back

MeroWings Wings Cushion Model ClassicThe largest Wings cushion model, Classic, helps you to find your personal feel-good position: as a reading pillow, as a large sofa pillow, as a back or arm rest, as a whole-body pillow in the prone or supine position, also during pregnancy. Our Classic model is inspiringly multifunctional and like all the Wings cushion, are intuitive hugging pillows due to their shape, softness and flexibility. This doesn’t just apply innately to adults and children, but also pets instinctively snuggle up in the inviting form which offers a protective buffer each user.

W I N G S  M O D E L  J O Y -  Perfect lower back, lumbar, head & neck  support support pillow

MeroWings Wings Cushion Model JoyThe MeroWings Joy wing cushion supports your neck and back, either in combination with the larger Classic model or as a single wing on your deep sofa, in your large armchair, on your bed or as a decorative cushion for your living room. Your ideal all-round cuddly companion.

The Joy wing cushion impresses with its versatile use and offers you pleasant support and a soft feel. Whether on the sofa, as a reading cushion, in bed or during yoga - the range of uses knows no limits and, thanks to its medium size, can find a place at your side for many cuddly situations in your everyday life.

W I N G S  M O D E L  G R A C E - Perfect for your head & neck, your back and  for small areas

MeroWings Wings Cushion Model Grace

The perfect small-medium sized of model Grace makes it ideal as a lower lumbar spine support cushion while sitting in narrower seating for example office or dining chairs. Alternatively, as a support neck support pillow, propped on the shoulders when reading or watching TV. This also makes them the perfect partner in combination with the larger models Classic & Joy. 

S L E E P I N G  G R A C E - Viscoelastic filling for maximised sleep quality

MeroWings Sleeping pillow model GraceMeroWings model Grace Wings’ cushion is the ideal size to use as a sleeping pillow.  Its patented ergonomic form provides flexibility, with thicker sides curvature and thinner mid-section and tail ends. This is ideal for individuals with varying sleep positions who require a pillow with higher areas for side sleeping and lower areas for sleeping on their backs. The shape of the Grace Wings cushion is ideally complemented by a filling of viscoelastic foam flakes. These gently contour to the sleepers’ natural curvature, preventing too much pressure being place on the spine and muscles, providing optimal support for the neck while gently cradling the head for deep restful sleep.

A brief summary of the benefits are as follows:

Ergonomic Support: The innovative winged design provides comprehensive support for the head, neck, and shoulders, ensuring proper alignment during sleep.
Pressure Relief: The cushion's contouring structure assists in reducing pressure points, enhancing comfort and promoting better blood circulation.
Versatility: Besides serving as a sleeping pillow, the MeroWings wings cushion can be used as a backrest or lumbar support, making it a multifunctional accessory for various seating positions.
Premium Material: Crafted from high-quality materials, the MeroWings cushion ensures durability and long-term comfort, contributing to a luxurious sleeping experience.
Perfect sleeping temperature: MeroWings’ inner cushion with memory foam filling easily passes warm air through the flakes, while being replaced with fresh cool air, thereby rendering them more breathable, naturally regulating the temperature and moisture transport.

W I N G S  M O D E L  R E L A X  T R A V E L - Perfect for travelling in the car, by plane … for on the go

MeroWings Travel wings cushions were specifically created for those travelling by car, airplane, ship or train. Like MeroWings’ other ergonomic wings pillows, they snugly hold and support the head and neck, providing a fantastic buffer to lean against. The effects of sudden “jolts” caused by air turbulence or the head’s natural tendency to fall forward, when one “nods-off” are effectively minimized. This makes these travel cushions ideal for ensuring a good rest on board and prevents stiff or strained necks.

Alternatively, they are equally effective at alleviating back pain caused by sitting down for long periods of time. MeroWings’ Travel Pillows also offer an ergonomic form to fit perfectly into the hollow of the back, giving support where needed. Given its easily transportable nature, this makes this model ideal for use in a variety of environments for example at work, in the library or on holiday.

To help you decide which cushion is the right one for you, here is a brief overview:

Here again in table form:



70x80cm 52x68cm 42x54cm 43x32cm
• Allround cushioning
• Supports the entire shoulder & back area
• Perfect support & rounding off for deep sofa corners
• Feeling of security & being held
• The long Wing tails make comfortable armrests
• Improvement of sitting position
• Excellent reading & lounging pillow
• Ideal in combination with all other smaller wings models as a head & neck pillow.

• Perfect support for neck, shoulder & back
• Lower back lumbar support & cushioning
• Ideal in combination with Classic or Grace
• For use on the Sofa, in Bed, armchairs, & Yoga
• Allrounder cushion
• Practical & versatile size
• Ideal ergonomic sleeping pillow
• Perfect support & buffer for your head, neck & back
• Lower back lumbar support & cushioning on narrower seating
• Ideal in combination with Classic or Joy
• For use in Bed, Chairs
• Supporting Yoga poses
• Multifunctional pillow for home or travel
• Support for the lumbar spine, head and neck area
• Perfect for travelling
• For use in the car, the plane or at home
• Lightweight & small
• Ideal size for kids


MeroWings Wings cushions in different sizes

The adaptability of MeroWings´ Wings cushions extend to any space, from living rooms to bedrooms, providing an aesthetic touch that effortlessly complements any interior design style. 

In the wings of our cuddly cushions you feel held, supported and carried. Because they are all ergonomically optimised and osteopathically and orthopaedically tested. They help you to unwind and relax physically.
MeroWings - Discover Elevating Comfort with Innovative Design.

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