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The Coral Collection - Coral cushions that will make your couch look great

Inspired by the magnificent forests of the ocean, these gorgeous coral cushions and throws are the perfect addition to any lounge setting. Bring the wonder and majesty of the ocean home to cuddle up with your beloved sofa cushion with a coral reef pattern. The original MeroWings Coral Collection consists not only of coral print pillows but coral pillow cases, too.

MeroWings engagement in ocean protection

We care for our oceans. 10% of each sale of every product included in the MeroWings Coral Collection goes directly to The Coral Reef Alliance. A non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the delicate ecosystem of coral reefs. Sales directly fund projects that halt over-fishing, combat land based pollution, monitor and maintain water quality, and identify research based techniques and methodologies that rebuild damaged reef structures all over the world.