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Reinvent your living space with unique home decor

Nothing's ever ready without the tiny little details that form the bigger picture. Give your home a special touch with our nature inspired home accessories. Dine in style with our faux wood placemats or transform your living room into an urban jungle with our wood effect plant pots. Your imagination is the limit. MeroWings' unusual home decor items are the perfect decorative accessories for every living space.

All eyes on Christian Tortu's enchanting fragrances

Welcome Christian Tortu's scented candles, room scents and diffusers into our sortiment! This beautiful fragrances are the perfect match for our nature inspired designs. Now you can not only bring the outdoors indoors with our nature inspired designs but you can experience it with all your senses. Take a seat on one of our forest inspired poufs or grass print ottomans, run your fingers over their soft surfaces, close your eyes and take in the smell of resin, pine needels, leafs and freshly cut grass.