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Enjoy nature with all your senses with these new scents & scented candles

MeroWings is now introducing a whole new scented world into the assortment. Now you can not only bring the outdoors indoors with our nature inspired designs but you can experience it with all your senses. Take a seat on one of our forest inspired poufs or grass print ottomans, run your fingers over their soft surfaces, close your eyes and take in the smell of resin, pine needles, leafs and freshly cut grass.

All eyes on Christian Tortu's enchanting fragrances

Welcome Christian Tortu's scented candles, room scents and diffusers into our assortment! This beautiful fragrances are the perfect match for our nature inspired designs. With his fragrances and accessories, Christian Tortu invites you to bring the beauty of nature into your home. Notes of the resin and needles of the pine tree, the cistus of labdanum, the leaves and the wood of the Virginian cedars, tree moss and freshly cut grass blend into an addictive, unparalleled fragrance.