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MeroWings Grace ergonomic sleeping pillows

Orthopedic doctors and osteopaths have examined and rendered expert analysis on the ergonomic benefits of MeroWings pillows, and their function as relax cushions. Over the years the feedback from customers was that they were using MeroWings three larger wings models (Classic, Joy and Grace) as sleeping pillows, as they were so comfy. Even though all MeroWings angel wing cushions have covers than can be easily removed and washed, we felt that it would be much nicer to have the choice to sleep on traditional cotton bedding fabrics. This was the reason for launching a specific bedding series in the most suitably sized model Grace, with beautiful replaceable organic cotton and satin covers. Please see Grace Wings Bed Pillows for further information.The form of these wings cushions also makes them unbelievably comfortable bed pillows, which can be perfectly adapted to any lying position.

Head to toe cushioning

The beauty of MeroWings Wings pillows is that they can be wonderfully combined with other models to provide any number of ergonomic combinations. For example, having the perfect neck rest cushion combined with ultimate lumbar support. There are a wide variety of replacement covers to choose from, making it easy to adjust to seasonal, decorational or cleaning requirements. On that note, all MeroWings covers are removable and are machine washable.