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MeroWings organic series: Non-toxic pillows made out of GOTS certified fabrics

All of our organic wings pillows and bolsters are made from non-toxic and GOTS certified bio organic cotton. This being said these natural pillows are great for all those living a conscious lifestyle. Our eco pillows are soft and cuddly. For example when cuddling with one of the organic cotton plush wings pillows one might get the feeling to cuddle with an organic body pillow made out of real lamb fur.

Certified GOTS pillows made by hand in Germany

Our organic cotton pillows are true eco pillows as they are handmade by small manufacturers in Germany. All fabrics are hand picked and our materials are non-toxic and free from chemical coatings. All items are made with greatest care to last for a very long time.

Natural pillows as MeroWings contribution to a more sustainable future

As you may know all of our collections take their inspiration from nature. With its unique beauty it has a big influence on our daily work and all of our designs. Thus nature and its protection are very close to our hearts. As a company we are in the middle of a restructuring process to achieve our goal of being a 100% sustainable company. Our organic pillows contribute to our vision of becoming more natural and sustainable as a brand.