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About Us


Based in Germany, MeroWings has been growing steadily since the launch of its first internationally patented ergonomic Wings cushions collection. These designs represented an innovative breakthrough in multi-functional, all-round cushioning. Originally designed to enhance sitting, lounging and sleeping comfort, the therapeutic cushioning benefits of MeroWings’ flagship products have been tried and tested for over a decade. For more information, please read about the different models in the Wings section of the website.


MeroWings embodies an imaginative, sophisticated lifestyle concept that cleverly intertwines natural motifs with contemporary design. The results are a highly inspiring, original and dynamic collection of luxurious furnishing items, which transport the elements of nature into every living environment. The launch of MeroWings’ Original Forest collection in 2009 marked a major breakthrough in the creation of furnishing items upholstered with photorealistic digital prints. The resulting textile objects have an unbelievably stunning 3-D effect and serve as optical illusions of real tree trunks and logs. A flurry of log cushions and tree stump poufs, ottomans and beanbag loungers were an important addition to MeroWings’ flagship “Nature Inspired Design” and instigated a worldwide trend. 

MeroWings’ maxim is to only use top quality fabrics and materials. Indeed, utmost priority is given to safeguard the high quality of both finished products and the incorporated materials; for example the use of non-toxic, certified fire-retardant fabrics. Furthermore, MeroWings’ experienced international team and partners go the extra mile to ensure that deadlines are adhered to and customer expectations exceeded. 

MeroWings creations have continued to inspire and surprise with their interesting mix of aesthetically pleasing and functional products. Apart from being eye catchers in any environment, they appeal to a broad spectrum of people across all age groups. As a result, the brand MeroWings has established a worldwide and varied base of discerning trading partners and customers. All product and textile designs have been created by and belong to MeroWings.


The repertoire of themes has constantly grown and now encompasses a wide and varied range. These comprise of themed furnishing items with distinct nature inspired designs including; moon, trees, stone, rocks, fiery coral reefs, shimmering ocean floors, vibrant green hedges, grass and golden yellow straw bales.  All these collections can be wonderfully combined with each other to make impressive natural theme worlds.

Commercial customers and event planners can choose from a broad range of MeroWings’ furnishing items to create any manner of nature-inspired environments. These include themed landscapes for hotels, holiday parks, libraries, children’s playrooms, corporate and trade fair relaxation zones to name but a few. Alternatively, MeroWings’ creative pool of designers and partners enable the realisation of other make-to-order projects.

On a business-to-business basis, MeroWings has proven to be a reliable and trusted partner to some of the world’s most discerning commercial customers. Going beyond the brand, it also provides maximum flexibility and choice. For example, the provision of replaceable covers is both a practical necessity as well as an ideal way to easily change between themes, without having to invest in additional fillings. MeroWings has also successfully fulfilled a number of bespoke projects


Over the years, MeroWings has built up a strong network of experienced, high quality manufacturing partners. The main production locations are Germany, Poland and China, with its fully owned trading company that provides a number of additional sourcing and fulfilment services to other trade customers, including private label manufacturing.


Passionate about making a difference to reverse the damage done to our planet, MeroWings is working with other parties on replacing all filling materials with recycled alternatives.  In addition, the whole manner in which products will be distributed in the future will also be changed to significantly reduce not only MeroWings’ but also that of its trading partners’ carbon footprint. 


Meena Valail-Dieter, designer and founder of MeroWings, was born in London and draws on a multi-cultural and interdisciplinary background. Before establishing the company, she worked within the industry for many years in the areas of project, product management and international market development. This fusion of artistic, scientific and industry experience is one of the cornerstones of the company’s creative capital, and ability to successfully operate on the international stage.