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The Wings Collection - A ground-breaking innovation in all-round cushioning

Orthopedic doctors and osteopaths have examined and rendered expert analysis on the ergonomic benefits of MeroWings pillows, and their function as relax cushions. The design of the MeroWings internationally patented angel wings cushion represented a breakthrough in the field of comfort and lifestyle. When used correctly, the various wings pillow models can help to improve posture and alleviate lower back pain, by providing physical support where needed. Each model in the series can either be enjoyed as a single comfort pillow or wonderfully combined to deliver simultaneous support for the head, neck. shoulders and entire back, ensuring supreme relaxation. There are currently five Wings’ models differing in size, color, texture and function: Classic Wings, Joy Wings, Grace Wings, Travel and Smart Travel Wings as well as Bath Beach Wellness Wings.

Unique pillows inspired by wings

The original shape of these unique pillows takes its inspiration from a wing. And like wings, they have the flexibility to fit snugly around you from all sides when reclined into, providing simultaneous support for the head, neck, shoulders and back. When used correctly, our unusual pillows can also improve posture. When propped on the shoulders, these unique shaped pillows offer the perfect buffer for the head as they gently fold around to provide comfortable neck rest. This makes them ideal lounging into while reading or watching TV in bed or on a sofa. If you are in search of a unique throw pillow, our wings pillows are the answer!