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The Wood Collection: A MeroWings Original

The Wood Collection is a true MeroWings Original. With its log shaped cushions and wood looking padded furniture items MeroWings has created a unique collection that perfectly combines design and functionality. The realistic looking log cushions, stump poufs, tree trunk beanbags, coffee tables and many more may be used in various ways. E.g. the comfortable cushioning and stability of MeroWings’ tree log seat poufs and tree log stools make them ideal for all individuals and can also be used as decorative side tables and foot rests.

Highly realistic prints are the basis of this tree log cushion collection

MeroWings' signature three dimensional photorealistic nature prints are the basis of these high quality textile replicas of real log furniture. The original nature inspired designs now found worldwide are MeroWings’ creations, offering an extremely high quality for any decorative furnishing collection. Indeed, due to the high quality of MeroWings’ photorealistic log prints, they bear such a striking resemblance to the real thing that one must touch them to prove otherwise. The covers have a stunning all over wood print, with an annual ring pattern. You can easily integrate these log lumbar support pillows and nature-inspired ottomans into any setting or décor.