MeroWings under a new guise: Learn more about the rebranding of MeroWings

You may have noticed that something has changed on our website recently. The well-known MeroWings logo with the wings emblem has matured. The website is now dominated by natural, earthy tones. Did you wonder what all these changes mean? Read all about our new branding and its meaning in this blog article.

A new logo and brand appearance for MeroWings

It is true. MeroWings has changed its logo and its whole brand appearance. Gone is the well-known quirky, orange MeroWings logo with the wings emblem, only to be replaced by a new, more mature one. One can surely say that MeroWings has outgrown its child’s shoes and become an adult.

As time has passed since the establishment of MeroWings’ in 2006, the portfolio has grown tremendously to include a plethora of nature inspired designs and products. In the meantime MeroWings has sharpened its profile and developed a distinctive handwriting for itself. With this in mind, we felt that it was time to develop a new logo that represented the broader picture of what the brand MeroWings now stands for.

New MeroWings Look & Feel

One of the first natural color concepts for the new MeroWings logo  

A new logo to fit MeroWings true meaning and core values

MeroWings original logo was created to symbolize its first iconic Wings collection. As the portfolio grew and more nature inspired designs were added to the collection, the old logo felt no longer true to what MeroWings represents as a brand.

With its earthy colors the new logo perfectly reflects MeroWings deep roots in nature. As you may know all of our collections were inspired by nature. With its pure untamed beauty it has a big influence on our daily work and all of our designs. Thus nature and its protection are close to our hearts. As a company we are in the middle of a restructuring process to achieve our goal of being a 100% sustainable company. We already engage for the protection of the environment and regularly donate parts of our sales to environmental NGOs such as the Coral Reef Alliance. Besides more sustainable, organic product options like wings pillows made out of GOTS certified cotton plush and vegan candles, more sustainable packaging for small items made out of grass paper, the relaunch of our brand including a new logo is part of the process.

MeroWings moodboard for new logo

It's a mood! Where the inspiration for the new MeroWings logo came from


Resembling a growing seedling, the new leafy emblem in the middle of the MeroWings “o” subtly emphasizes that unique MeroWings feeling that so many of our customers already know all too well. As well-being and personal comfort are our overall goal and driving force all of our products provide their users with real life physical and emotional benefits. From back pain release to redemption and comfort – our products are made to suit different inner needs.

Due to its airy look and feel and open “r”, the new MeroWings logo furthermore pays duty to the brand’s origins in creating ergonomic, wing shaped cushions. It also links the past to the open future as MeroWings is expanding its horizons to enrich the customers brand experience. New products such as scented candles and yoga items were already added to the MeroWings collection.

With its clean contours and simple design the new logo also perfectly fits MeroWings creative vision of combining an imaginative, sophisticated lifestyle concept with natural motifs and contemporary design. The results are inherited in all MeroWings products which form highly inspiring, original and dynamic collections of luxurious furnishing items that transport the elements of nature into every living environment. 

The evolution of the MeroWings logo

The evolution of the new MeroWings logo


What about you? How do you like our new brand appearance? Leave us a comment in the comment section, we really would love to know!

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