Cocooning: Why it's a major trend and how to cocoon at a cosy home

Cocooning has become a new way of life and one of the biggest lifestyle trends of our time. Faced with curfews, social distancing rules or the fear of becoming infected we search for cosines inside our home. Natural materials, fluffy fabrics and scented candles are there for us to create a shelter. This article explains what cocooning is all about and how the lifestyle trend can be transferred to our own home.

Cocooning: What does it mean and why is it important?

Cocooning is derived from the word cocoon and means the retreat from the hectic, complex everyday life into one's own home. Especially in the cold season our need for homeliness and cosines increases. Social distancing intensifies this feeling even more. When the world outside becomes uncomfortable, we retreat inside our own four walls. Cocooning can thus be seen as an answer to our ever changing political and economic world situation. Since we now spend most of our time at home, we want to feel as safe and secure as possible. Comfortable living thus takes on a whole new significance.

Cosy at home: Home as a place of retreat and security

Our home is more than just a place where we sleep, eat and live. It is a place where we interact with friends, family, our partners and ourselves. It is a retreat where we can relax and unwind. At home we feel safe and protected. With the right products we can enhance this effect to create a hygge cocooning feeling and make our living environment even more beautiful. That's why our home is spiced up with cushions, candles, cuddly blankets and natural decorations.

Cocooning as a trend: Large cuddly cushions provide a feeling of security

Large, cuddly pillows are a must have for all those who want to make their home even more comfortable. In this context it should be pointed out that the more ergonomic and body-hugging the shape, the greater the feeling of security. Our Classic and Joy wings pillows fulfil exactly this need, as they embrace the body from all sides thanks to their curved wing shape.

In addition to the physical support in the head, shoulder, neck and lumbar area, MeroWings’ cushions also offer emotional support by creating the feeling of being hugged and held. Both Classic and Joy allow for cuddling regardless of local conditions, as they adapt perfectly to any background, making even deep sofas comfortable.

Cocooning with a MeroWings pillow

Lovely Theresa from Florals for Spring with our Joy Wings Pillow Dusty Rose

Warm, indirect light sources create a cosy atmosphere

As the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, we long for more warmth in our homes. Indirect and dimmed light sources in particular contribute to a cuddly atmosphere within our walls. For example candles and fairy lights are beautiful decorative elements that can be easily integrated into any living space. Especially candles with a natural scent, such as "Forêts" by Christian Tortu, provide peace and harmony. The scent of the forest in the form of resinous notes, pine needles, labdanum, leaves, cedar wood and freshly cut grass provide a feast for the senses.

Christian Tortu Forêts candle

Fairy lights create a cosy atmosphere

Cosy at home: Peace and harmony through natural tones

Peace and comfort are created primarily by a harmonious, muted natural color palette. But highlights in the form of furniture, cushions or walls in rich green or blue, e.g. MeroWings Luxury Velvet pillows, are also a great choice, as these shades have a calming effect on color psychology. Ecru and soft pastel shades have a cosy and relaxing effect. With natural motifs or a wall in a natural color like forest green, you can bring some relaxation into your apartment or house - even in the middle of the city.

Blue & green shades bring peace and harmony into every home

Soft, cuddly materials contribute to the cocooning effect

If you want to feel secure, it is best to surround yourself with materials that feel good and warm, i.e. have a cuddly feel. Everything that we like to touch and allow to touch our skin is ideal for cuddling up and essential for the cocooning living trend. There is hardly anything that makes us feel good as immediately as woollen blankets and plaids. On the one hand they are functional when we snuggle in and warm ourselves, and on the other hand they are decorative. Casually laid over the back of a sofa, they set color accents in the room and look beautiful as a bedspread on the bed or sofa. With practical arm slits, they also become a cuddly piece of home wear.

MeroWings Birch Tree Trunk

Our cushions, stools and poufs with a wooden pattern bring even more comfort to your living space. Thanks to the velvety soft surface they radiate warmth and comfort while the photorealistic 3D print makes it almost impossible to distinguish them from real tree trunks. Complemented by natural accessories, such as pampas grass or tree branches, natural living spaces with a feel-good factor are created.


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