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Grace Wings Pillow Cover Dusty Rose
Grace Wings Pillow Cover Dusty Rose
Grace Wings Pillow Cover Dusty Rose

Grace Wings Pillow Cover Dusty Rose

€35,00 • Fast Shipment

EAN: 4260190322832
Product Description

Luxury Velvet Grace Wings Covers are the new additions to the collection. We've made a selection of these sumptuous fabrics in some of latest trend and elegant colours for increased choice and enjoyment. It's also possible to mix and match our brand new luxury velvets with other collection items. One of a variety of beautiful, perfectly fitted replacement covers to suit any personal preferences including; decorational, seasonal and functional requirements. Their long zippers which ensure that each cushion cover is easy to remove for washing purposes.

For MeroWings’ customers who already have many wings covers, it is now possible to purchase new inner cushions to increase the opportunities to enjoy them. There are two wings pillow inners to choose from; MeroWings’ soft original ones and the new firmer GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) bio-organic cotton covers filled with extra fine stone pine shavings and spelt. These are known to promote peaceful sleep and promote a different kind of support due to the firm nature of their filling mix.

Product Information

• Measurement: 42 x 54cm (wxh)
• Weight: ~ 0.11 kg
• Cover: 100% Polyester
• Fabric Characteristics: velvety, silky soft
• Cover is machine washable - fine wash programme